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Post Construction Cleaning: An Overview

The construction cleaning is a professional cleaning service performed on newly constructed or renovated commercial buildings. Cracks in walls are repaired and then the wall is painted with a waterproof coating. Windows and other areas that see heavy traffic are cleaned by professionals using high-pressure steam irons and chemical cleaners. All partitions are vacuumed, power washed, sanded, polished, replaced if necessary, sealed, or repaired.

Commercial building construction and renovation cleaning services include roofing and flooring preparation, wall repairs and replacement, asbestos removal, cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms and kitchens, removal of trash and debris, caulking/erecting, painting, removal of mold and mildew, and tile cleaning. The entire building is cleaned to ensure that all contaminants are removed. All windows, walls, floors, ceilings, partitioned areas, roof, ceiling, floors, fixtures, cabinets, etc. are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, degreased, wiped, sealed, sanded, polished, cleaned, sealed, replaced, resealed, and repaired. Professional commercial cleaning services usually takes place during the first two weeks of the project and on a continuous basis throughout the construction period.

All surface materials, including cabinets, shelves, cubbyholes, drawers, etc. are thoroughly cleaned of debris and trash. Debris and trash are removed, the surfaces scrubbed, and any areas that can be removed are then treated with an sanitizer or disinfectant. Ceiling, floor, wall, and floor fans, light fixtures, ductwork, plumbing fixtures, electrical, heating ducts, cabinets, closets, tool boxes, utility room, washrooms, floors, stairs, escalators, smoke, ventilation system, etc.

As far as surfaces are concerned, all items are vacuumed, washed with a mild detergent, and the debris and trash removed and recycled or disposed of. The contractor then uses a dry towel to wipe down all surfaces. If there is heavy dirt and debris on the floor, a broom and wet/dry vacuums are used to remove the debris from the surfaces. Cleaning of all interior surfaces begins once the exterior surfaces have been completed. Click here to get the best construction cleaning services.

Before hiring a construction contractor for a renovation project, it is important that you find out if they are licensed in your area. A general cleaning service provider should be licensed through your state's construction agency. Some construction contractors also provide pest control, floor and ceiling painting, window cleaning, graffiti removal and hauling, as well as other special services specific to renovation projects. The best way to know if they are adequately trained and equipped in the handling of a specific type of project is to ask them to give you a quote.

The contractor will need to know how much the job will cost and what all items will be kept. The price range will be determined by the type of debris and trash removed, how large the debris is, and where it is placed on the property. General debris removal and the placement of trash cans near doorways and exits are things that should be addressed before starting a post-construction rough cleaning. A professional construction company can usually have this information within a few days. The general cleaning crew will use a truck to take the trash away, while the residential crew will remove the debris from the home. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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